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Small business owners discussing the Connecticut small business services and tools available through InsureGood's  Business360 Program.

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The services and tools your scaling small business needs.

Your business is growing, your headcount is increasing – you need guidance on how to scale and structure your business for the long-haul. We’ve got you.

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Strategic Resources to Help Increase Profits
Your business is growing, but where do you go from here? Are you ready for the challenges and opportunities that come with scaling a business? Here’s how we can help:

      • Business planning and road mapping to lay out a clear vision for the future and a map to get you there
      • Financial modeling and cash-flow analysis to inform decision making, capital needs, and more
      • Accounting set up to ensure you’re tracking towards your financial goals
      • Data gathering and analysis to gain insight into opportunities and address threats before they become an issue

Operational Resources that Increase Efficiencies and Decrease Costs
Effectively scaling a business requires do things differently then when you were in the startup phase. Adding staff and clients requires structure so you can maintain quality, consistency, and safety. Here’s how we can help:

      • Standard Operating Procedures, so everyone knows what to do and how to do it even when you’re not there
      • Operational Checklists to ensure consistent results and increase safety
      • Operational Efficiency Studies and Automation Plans to increase your capacity without increasing headcount
      • Energy Cost Containment Consultations to help improve the predictability for expenses and lower volatility

Human Resources Tools to Build Purpose-Driven Cultures and Teams
Your people and culture are critical components to growing your small business consistently. What’s your people and culture strategy? Here’s how we can help:

      • Evaluate your company’s existing HR situation to develop a strategy aligned with your business goals
      • Set up systems to effectively recruit, onboard, train, develop and retain the talent you need to scale
      • Create a process for collecting and analyzing how your employees feel about their work and your company and implement value-driven programs
      • Comply with the legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements for being an employer in your state to avoid costly legal and compliance issues


Let’s Talk Business. Your Business.

No matter what your goals are or the challenges and frustrations that you have – there’s someone out there who “been there” and “done that”. 

What It Takes To Scale

Growing a business requires more than just the right tools.

Hands putting together the puzzle pieces of Connecticut small business services needed to effectively scale.

The Advisor Network

Your board of expert advisors, on-demand.

You need expertise, but aren’t ready for in-house expertise. Save your budget for core functions and outsource. Tap into our internal Advisors and our network of specialists and form your own executive team at a fraction of the cost – managed in one place. 

The Connect360 Community

An instant support system.

Join our community of like-minded small business owners for education, masterminding, networking, and support because nothing amazing is accomplished in isolation. 


Reduce your business risks with the right insurance program.

Your insurance program should support your business goals and your cashflow needs. Our holistic approach to helping you scale your business involves reducing risk through effective, tailored insurance programs that we adjust as your business needs change. 


Meredith went above and beyond in helping me to navigate all the options and made a plan that was personalized for my situation. She gave me all the time I needed to ask questions until I felt comfortable.
Kristin Kleinschmidt, Owner of Be Healthy Nutrition L.L.C.

Let’s reduce stress and grow your small business.

We’ll help you build the foundation you need to increase your profit and do more good.

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