You’re invited to our party. 

Connect360 is a fast-growing community of visionary small business owners focused on making a big impact in our businesses and on our communities.

Together we selflessly collaborate and innovate to help one another build sustainable businesses with a lasting impact.

A group of Connecticut small business owners learning t marketing at an InsureGood workshop.
A small group of connecticut small business owners discussing challenges at a mastermind.

This is not networking. 

Unlike traditional self-serving networking, Connect360 exists to provide a vibrant channel for like-minded Connecticut small business owners and entrepreneurs to authentically connect, form lasting communities and share resources that will foster their long-term success and well-being.

We host exclusive, curated events designed to foster both growth and connection. From Masterminds to accountability partners and educational workshops. We work hard to deliver experiences online and offline that provide value because we recognize the connection between small business success and community success. 

Parametric Insurance Explained

Parametric Insurance Explained

Parametric insurance can be a particularly beneficial form of coverage to have in the scope of large-scale natural disasters, especially when not all associated losses entail physical damages. Yet, there are some additional aspects of this coverage offering to consider.

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