Protect360 Insurance for Small Businesses

We Help Small Businesses Do Big Things.

Your small business is important to you and your community. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the support and protection you need to thrive.

Happy woman laughing and discussing insurance for her Connecticut small business insurance

We Help Small Businesses Do Big Things.

Your small business is important to you and your community. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the support and protection you need to thrive.

Everything that matters, protected – under one roof.

Modern entrepreneurship is challenging. You’re the wearer of many hats. You are working on the business and in the business. Managing cash flow, clients, and employees means you’ve got a lot on your plate. The overwhelm is real.

That’s why we’re here. InsureGood’s mission is to help our entrepreneurial peers overcome the challenges of small business ownership, so you can recognize your dreams and change our communities for the better.


We’ll help you see insurance as a valuable tool, not a necessary evil through our exclusive Protect360 Program. And with InsureGood, all of your insurance and services needs can be easily managed in one place using our custom online portal, app., and certificate capabilities.

With the right balance of technology and human relationships, you’ll save valuable time and money, minimize your risk, and get the support you need to grow and continue changing the world.

A Complete Insurance Solution For Your Growing Small Business

The right small business insurance strategy is a valuable tool that can enable you to do more in your business. Each component plays a vital role on its own and in coordination with the whole.

Commercial Property Insurance

More than just insurance for physical buildings, Property Insurance covers the spaces, equipment, items, and income your small business relies on.

Workers Compensation

Most states require your small business to have workers compensation insurance in place the moment you hire an employee.

Liability Insurance

The moment you open the doors of your small business, your risk of being sued skyrockets. From Cyber to Professional, every business needs liability insurance.

Auto Insurance

Whether your business owns an auto used for commercial purposes or your employees occasionally use their own vehicles for work errands – you likely have a need for commercial lines auto coverage.

Personal Protection

As a business owner, you face unique risks that evolve as your business and assets grow. It’s critical that you coordinate your personal insurance with your small business insurance.

InsureGood Differentiators

Technology-enabled, but human powered.

Because you shouldn’t have to figure everything out on your own.

An Insuregood Advisor meets with a client to discuss insurance for their Hartford Connecticut small business.

Expert InsureGood Advisor

We love tech. But we know its not a replacement for a real human who knows and cares about you and your small business. Our Advisors are ready to help you with all your questions and concerns through email, chat, video, phone, or text.

Business Friendly Technology

Access and manage your insurance anytime, anywhere. Using our custom online portal, our app and our online certificate center, all of your policies will be in one place you’ll never have to log into multiple sites again. Flexible online payments and cash flow friendly options will help you do more in your businesses.

The InsureGood team discusses a risk management and small business insurance program for their client.
A group of Hartford Connecticut small business owners standing with their arms around one another in a sign of community support.

Resources & Community

We’re building the Connect360 community because growing a business is easier and more fun when you have a group of like-minded people with you.

From blogs to videos to live events and on-demand training, there’s no shortage of free small business resources developed by the experts in the DoMoreGood Network.


Let’s Put Your Insurance To Work For You Too.

Protect your progress, increase your profit and do more good.


What kind of commercial insurance do I need?

The type of insurance, the coverages, and the amounts you may need are all very dependent on the unique characteristics of your business, such as your industry, the size of your business, your experience and risk factors, your budget, and many other factors. You can get insurance anywhere – but making sure it's tailored to your unique protection needs is challenging.

That’s why it's essential to work with an insurance advisor – one who knows you, your business, and the options available. At InsureGood, we use the term "Insurance Foundation" to refer to the coverages that we feel are the most critical to ensure you're adequately protected. This allows you to prioritize effectively based on your budget and risk tolerance.

Also, keep in mind that your insurance needs change as your business changes. Increased sales and new partnerships, for example, change your risk profile - so it's crucial that you actively manage your insurance program.

How can I lower the total cost of insurance?

Insurance premiums are based on several factors such as industry, risks that increase the odds of a loss (such as property location or occupational hazards), your insurance history, the amounts of insurance needed, industry trends and your level of comfort in assuming some risk. Here are some tips to help manage your commercial insurance costs:

    • Don’t skimp on "Foundational Coverages" if you can at all help it – a loss will likely cost more than you pay in premium. Instead, explore different types of cash-flow friendly payment plans to help manage the expense.
    • Bundle as many of your policies as possible with one carrier to take advantage of credits and avoid gaps in coverage.
    • Lower your risk of losses using safety and risk management programs. Our Prevent360 program can help you identify opportunities to lower your risk profile.
    • Don’t file small claims if you don’t have to.
    • Pay your bills on time and don’t allow your insurance to lapse.
    • Work with an independent agent who can help you find the best coverages and rates with access to multiple carriers.
How is InsureGood different from other insurance agencies?

InsureGood was built by small business owners, for small business owners – so we have a unique perspective on the challenges you face and how we can support you as you grow and scale your business. Our insurance view is unique. We see insurance as a valuable business tool, not a necessary nuisance. As an Independent insurance agency, we can provide you with choices on your coverage and costs. Still, unlike most traditional agencies, we’re built on modern technology and business platforms designed to meet the needs of the modern entrepreneur. Lastly, we’re a mission-driven company built on the idea of giving other entrepreneurs in our local Connecticut communities, particularly minorities - the same access to opportunities, education, and capital that we’ve been blessed to receive. So as we grow, so does our investment in community development.

What kind of service can I expect?

Every client receives a dedicated Advisor to act as the lead on their account. Your Advisor will perform your annual Business360 and Review360, coordinate any outside services you may need, answer your coverage questions, and more. Think of them as a business partner.

To supplement our in-house expertise, we partner with our carriers to provide weekend, after-hours, and holiday service, ensuring you always have what you need.

InsureGood’s technology-enabled platform allows you to interact with us in whatever manner works for you, from traditional communication such as phone or email to video chats, texting, or chatbots. You also receive access to our mobile app and the MyProtect360 portal to seamlessly manage all of your insurance from wherever you are.

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